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A DataStore object serves as a storage location for consolidated and cleansed transaction data or master data on a document (atomic) level.

This data can be evaluated using a BEx query.

A DataStore object contains key fields (such as document number, document item) and data fields that, in addition to key figures, can also contain character fields (such as order status, customer). The data from a DataStore object can be updated with a delta update into InfoCubes (standard) and/or other DataStore objects or master data tables (attributes or texts) in the same system or across different systems.

Unlike multidimensional data storage using InfoCubes, the data in DataStore objects is stored in transparent, flat database tables. The system does not create fact tables or dimension tables.


Overview of DataStore Object Types



Data Supply

SID Generation



Standard DataStore Object

Consists of three tables: activation queue, table of active data, change log

From data transfer process


Standard DataStore Object

Operational Scenario for Standard DataStore Objects

Write-Optimized DataStore Objects

Consists of the table of active data only

From data transfer process


Write-Optimized DataStore Object

Operational Scenario for Write-Optimized DataStore Objects

DataStore Objects for Direct Update

Consists of the table of active data only

From APIs


DataStore Objects for Direct Update

Operational Scenario for DataStore Objects for Direct Update.

You can find more information about management and further processing of DataStore objects under:

Managing DataStore Objects

Further Processing of Data in DataStore Objects


You can find out more about integration under Integration into the Data Flow.


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