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Background documentationSetting Up the Translation Environment  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Before translation can start in an SAP system, you need to perform the following activities:


For more information, see:

Define each target language into which you want to translate

Setting Up a Target Language

Define the client in which translation takes place

Adding the Translation Client

Maintain the translation graphs for each target language

Maintaining Translation Graphs

Define the object groups that each target language translates

Object Groups and Object Types for Translation

Create profiles for translators' authorizations

Creating a Translator Profile

Create translators

Maintaining Translators

Assign collections to translation graphs

Assigning Collections to a Translation Graph

Assign collections to translators

Assigning Collections to a Translator

Define the object types for automatic distribution during the evaluation runs

Defining Distribution Parameters

After you have set up the translation environment, you can run an evaluation to create worklists and statistics in the system. For more information, see Global Worklists.





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