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Microsoft's XMLA (XML for Analysis) facilitates Web services-based, platform-independent access to OLAP providers. The BI XMLA Connector enables the exchange of analytical data between a client application and a data provider working over the Web, using a SOAP-based XML communication API. The XMLA Connector sends commands to an XMLA-compliant OLAP data source in order to retrieve the schema rowsets and obtain a result set.

The BI XMLA Connector allows you to connect applications built with the BI Java SDK to data sources such as Microsoft Analysis Services, Hyperion, MicroStrategy, MIS, and BW 3.x. This connector is fully compliant with the J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA).

You can also use the BI XMLA Connector to make these data sources available in SAP BI Systems via UD Connect, or you can create systems in the portal based on this connector.

The BI XMLA Connector implements the BI Java SDK's IBIOlap interface.


XMLA-compliant OLAP data sources, such as SAP BI (BW) system release 3.0A or greater

Connector Properties

Refer to the table below for the required and optional properties to configure for your connector:

BI XMLA Connector Properties





Data source user name.

User must have at least read access to the data source.

(your user name)


Data source password.

(your password)


Two-letter abbreviation of language. Determines logon language for SAP BI systems, and specifies the language of exceptions evoked on the BI Java SDK layer.





Server URL.

To find the URL of an SAP BI XMLA provider:

Start  transaction SE37 and execute the function module RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET.

Use the following values for the import parameters of the function module:




The URL takes the following form: */sap/bw/xml/soap/xmla.

SAP BI XMLA provider -- http://[domain:port]/sap/



Microsoft Analysis Server --




Data source info property.

Local Analysis Server


Statefulness support.

Optional. Default is false.

true or false


Specifies authentication mechanism (logon method).


If using SAPLOGONTICKET, see the For the BI XMLA Connector only section in Configuring the BI Java Connectors for information on using Single Sign-On with the BI XMLA Connector.

UIDPW - Log on to your XMLA provider using User/Password. Use this method for XMLA-based access to non-SAP BI providers, or for User/Password access to SAP BI providers. This is the sole authentication method supported in the unmanaged environment.


SAPLOGONTICKET - Log on to your XMLA provider using SAP Logon Ticket (supported by SAP BI XMLA providers). Use this property if you want to use the SAP Logon Ticket (SSO) to access BI systems.


Maximum time to wait for the SOAP connection (in milliseconds). Default is 30000 (thirty seconds).

60000 - to increase timeout to one minute


See also:

     To configure BI Java Connector properties in the SAP NetWeaver Application Server's Visual Administrator, see Configuring the BI Java Connectors.

     To create a system on the portal using the BI XMLA Connector, see Creating Systems and Editing BI XMLA System Properties.

     For information about the BI Java SDK and its connection architecture, refer to the index.html file inside of the SDK distribution package

     For more information about Sun’s J2EE Connector Architecture, see

        For more information about XMLA, see:




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