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The status bar is situated at the very bottom of the screen.

It provides general information about the SAP system and the transaction or task you are working on. System messages are displayed to the left of the status bar. There are three fields on the right-hand side of the status bar – one with server information, the other two with status information.


System messages are displayed at the left end of the status bar. There are two types of messages:

        A cross on a red background identifies an error message.

        A check mark on a green background identifies other system messages.

The status fields are displayed at the right end of the status bar. There are three field, from left to right:

        The first status field displays the system ID and the client number.

By choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Display status info, you can see the following system information:






        Response time

        The second status field displays the server to which you are connected.

        The third status field specifies your data entry mode. By clicking on this field, you can toggle between the INSERT (INS) and OVERWRITE(OVR) modes.

To hide or show the status fields, choose the small white arrow to their left (or right, respectively).


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