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Each view has a number of inbound and outbound plugs. These plugs are required so it is possible to navigate between two views. For basic information about the plugs in a view, see Plugs and Navigation Link in the architecture manual.

Inbound Plugs

On the Inbound Plugs tab page you can create a number of inbound plugs for the view that is currently being edited. Enter a new name for this plug and add a description of it. Unlike outbound plugs, inbound plugs can be equipped with an event handler. This event handler of an inbound plug is always called if the view is controlled using precisely this plug.


Outbound Plugs

Parallel to inbound plugs, a view can have outbound plugs. From these plugs it is possible to navigate from a view to the next one (or even to an interface view). You can specify importing parameters for an outbound plug. These parameters are passed to the outbound plug when method wd_ThisFire_Plugname_Plg is called.


Inbound and outbound plugs provide both mandatory and optional parameters.



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