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Transaction SLLS is a tool for monitoring the workload (SLLS shows you what you still have to do, and TPMO what you have already done) of translation projects. It displays detailed translation statistics for the objects included in the translation evaluation run.


You can display the statistics according to a wide range of criteria. These criteria depend on the authorizations in your translator profile. For example:

        Translators can check the status of their own workload by displaying translation statistics for the collections assigned to them for translation.

        Coordinators can check the overall status of a project by displaying translation statistics for one or more target languages.



The system creates statistics in the last step of the translation evaluation after creating worklists for each target language. Coordinators can also update the statistics at regular intervals.

You can display the statistics at any time. The statistics are only a snapshot of the workload at the time at which they were created and are not accurate if translation has taken place since then.

Transaction SLLS provides you with the following functions:


Tab Page Title


Available to


Use the Collections dialog box to select collections

Display statistics according to collections

Display statistics according to specific object types

Display statistics according to domains

Display statistics according to worklist number

Maintain different display options

Save settings for display options

Translators and

Translation coordinators


Display a statistics history

Compare statistics versions

Refresh statistics for current target language

Refresh statistics for all target languages in the system

Delete old statistics versions

Translation coordinators

All Languages

Display statistics for some or all languages

Translation coordinators


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