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The proposal pool enables you to store translations of short texts that you have translated at least once before. You do this by creating proposals in the proposal pool.

For information on creating proposals, see Proposal Pool.

You can also delete proposals, and create new translations in the proposal pool. This is useful when you need to make terminology changes, or stylistic changes.


You can access the proposal pool in two different ways to display and edit proposals. For more information, see Accessing the Proposal Pool. The way proposals are displayed in the proposal pool depends on how you accessed it.

The graphic below is an example of the proposal pool interface when accessed from the short text editor.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

If you branch to the proposal pool from the short text editor (as above), domain-specific proposals are displayed at the top of the tree for the domain of the object you are currently translating. Then the system standard is displayed, followed by domain-specific proposals for other domains. If a translation has been entered in the translation line, this text is highlighted at the very top of the proposal pool screen. If this text is already available as a proposal, this proposal is highlighted too.

If you branch to the proposal pool from transaction SLPP, the system standard appears first, followed by the domain-specific proposals for all domains in which proposals exist. The domains are displayed in alphabetical order.

In both instances, the quality status of every proposal is displayed. Exceptions are flagged with the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text icon.


You can perform the following activities for a source text in the proposal pool:

        Create translations as proposals

For more information, see Creating Proposals in the Proposal Pool.

        Create abbreviations and their full translations for system standards and application standards.

For more information, see Creating Abbreviations and Full Translations.

        Display details for a proposal

See Displaying Details for a Proposal.

        Delete proposals

For more information, see Deleting Proposals in the Proposal Pool.

        Change the quality status of a specific proposal

You need to assign a quality status to each proposal that you create in the proposal pool. Your translator profile determines which quality statuses you can assign to the proposals that you create or change. For more information, see Changing the Quality Status of Proposals.


At present, no function is available for changing the text of a proposal. For instance, you cannot change the system standard Order to Request. If you need to make this change, you must delete the old proposal, and then create a new one. For example, delete the system standard Order, and then create the translation Request as the new system standard. For more information, see Changing Proposals in the Proposal Pool.

        Show/Hide deleted proposals

The system records deleted proposals. Initially, the system does not display deleted proposals for a source text in the proposal pool.

If you want to see deleted proposals, choose Display Deleted Proposals. If any deleted proposals exist for the source text you are currently translating, the system displays them together with their assignments before they were deleted. For example, if an exception for the domain Basis (BC) has been deleted, the system displays the deleted proposal under Exception for the domain BC.  You can recognize deleted proposals by their quality status, which is Z. To stop displaying deleted proposals, choose Hide Deleted Proposals.

Further functions for maintaining abbreviations are available in transaction SLPP. For more information, see Transaction SLPP and Editing Abbreviations in Transaction SLPP.



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