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An application standard is a translation stored in the proposal pool. Application standards are valid within one domain.

Certain source texts need different translations in different domains, depending on the context. In such cases, you should define your translation as an application standard.

The following English translations of German source texts are examples of application standards in specific domains of an ABAP system.


German Source Text

English Application Standard

Basis (BC)



Personnel Management (PA)



Enterprise Controlling (EC)



Payroll (PY)



If you define a domain-specific translation as an application standard for a specific domain, you ensure that the best proposal for this source text in this domain is a more suitable translation than the system standard. The application standard takes priority over the system standard. An application standard is the best proposal whenever you translate short text objects belonging to the domain of that application standard.

The title bar of the short text editor indicates the domain of the object you are currently translating. Example:

CA1 (BC) From deDE To enUS: LXE_PP1

This means that when you translate this object in the short text editor, you can create application standards for the domain BC (Basis). If an application standard for the domain BC exists in the proposal pool for a source text in this object, the application standard is the best proposal. If an application standard exists for a specific domain, you cannot use the system standard as a translation of source texts in objects belonging to this domain.


The system standard for Auftrag is Order.

In the domain BC, Auftrag is translated as Request. If you define Request as an application standard in BC, Request or abbreviations of Request are offered as the best proposal.

Existing lines in objects belonging to the domain BC, in which Auftrag has been translated as Order, are no longer valid. These lines have the status modified.


When you translate a short text line, the application standard is offered as the best proposal when the following criteria are satisfied:

        An application standard exists in the proposal pool for this source text and the domain of the object you are currently translating.

        The application standard fits into the space available in the translation line.

To insert the application standard into your translation line, double-click it. When you save, this short text line has the status translated.


When you create an application standard, the system prompts you to assign a quality status to it. Your translator profile determines the quality statuses that you can assign.

You can create abbreviations for domains. They are used when the translation line is not long enough for the application standard itself. For more information, see Creating Abbreviations and Full Translations.

Sometimes, a source text has more than one application standard. For more information, see Creating Multiple System / Application Standards.

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