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A password is a combination of characters that you enter every time you log on to an SAP system to prevent other people from accessing or changing your work.


You must memorize your password. You cannot log on to the SAP system without it.


When creating a password, you must follow these requirements:

        You must use at least three but no more than eight characters.

        You can use combinations of alphanumeric characters, including:

        Letters a through z

        Numbers 0 through 9

        Punctuation marks

Do not begin a password with:

        A question mark

        An exclamation point

        A blank space

        Three identical characters

For example, bbbat

        Any sequence of three characters contained in your user ID

For example, man, if your user ID is Friedman.

Do not use:

        pass or init as your password

        Any of the last five passwords you used

In the SAP system, passwords are not case-sensitive. For example, the password blue is the same as Blue or BLUE .

As you enter your password, the asterisks remain in the field and only the cursor moves. For security reasons the system does not display what you enter.


The table below gives examples of valid and invalid passwords.




!brex (begins with an invalid character)


aaab (begins with three identical characters)


me (contains fewer than three characters)


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