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Before you log on, make sure you know:

        Your client number, user ID, and password

Before you log on for the first time, you must have an initial password for the system you want to log on to. The password must be provided by your system administrator.

        The language key of the language you want to work in

For more information, contact your system administrator.


Logging On to a System

After you have started an SAP system, the first screen you see is the logon screen.

To log on to an SAP system:


       1.      In the Client field, enter the client number.

If a default client number appears in the field, you can either accept it, or change it by entering a new one.

       2.      In the User field, enter your user ID.

       3.      In the Password field, enter your password or the initial password provided by your system administrator.

For more information, see Passwords.

       4.      To display screens, menus, and fields in another language, enter the language key.

       5.      Choose Enter.

                            a.      If you are not logging on for the first time, the Copyright dialog box will appear.

Proceed to step 9.

                            b.      If you are logging on for the first time, the system automatically displays the New password dialog box. You must change your initial password.

If you do not see the New password dialog box, check the status bar for a system message. You may have entered an incorrect client number, password, user ID, or language key. If this is the case, repeat steps 1 through 5.

       6.      In the New password field, enter a new password.

       7.      In the Repeat password field, enter the new password again, exactly as you entered it the first time.

       8.      Choose Confirm.

If you have successfully changed your password, the Copyright dialog box will appear.

       9.      Choose Continue.

If there are system-wide messages, the System Messages dialog box appears. After you have read the messages, choose Continue to close the dialog box.

Logging Off from a System


You can log off from an SAP system from any screen by performing one of the following:

        From the menu bar, choose System    Log off.

        If you have only one session running, choose the pushbutton at the upper right corner of the screen.

The Log off dialog box appears. It informs you that if you proceed with logging off, any unsaved data will be lost.

If you are not certain that you have saved all of your data and you do not want to log off, choose No to return to the screen in which you were working, otherwise, choose Yes.

All of your SAP system sessions close. You have successfully logged off.


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