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Transaction SLPP enables you to display and edit the contents of the proposal pool directly, without accessing the source text in the short text editor first.

        This enables you to use the proposal pool as a dictionary. You can therefore ensure that your translations of system references are correct when you translate other text types, such as long texts and training materials.


If you want the proposal pool to be displayed in a movable dialog box, so you can always see the contents of the short text editor while you are translating short texts, go to the initial screen of SE63 and choose Utilities Settings. On the Short Text Editor tab page, select the Proposal Pool Maintenance Dialog Box checkbox.

        You can use transaction SLPP to edit proposals for a source text if you need to change terminology, for instance.

        You can use transaction SLPP to display and edit abbreviations for full translations.


You can perform the following activities in transaction SLPP:

        Access the contents of the proposal pool for a specific source or target text. See Accessing Proposal Pool Entries in SLPP.

        Find the full text for an abbreviation, or the abbreviation for a full text. See Displaying Full Texts and Abbreviations in SLPP

        Create, change, and delete abbreviations for a full text. See Editing Abbreviations in SLPP



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