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This parameter specifies whether or not a client must produce a certificate.


Work area

Internet Communication Manager, SAP Web Dispatcher


Integer value

Standard value


Dynamically changeable

Local and on all servers

Value Range and Syntax

There are three certification levels (0-2):

         0: No certification is required and the server does not ask for one.

         1: The server asks the client to transfer a certificate. If the client does not send a certificate, authentication is carried out by another method, for example, basic authentication (default setting).

         2: The client must transfer a valid certificate to the server, otherwise access is denied.


These settings apply to the entire server.

The system administrator can use icm/HTTPS/verify_client=2 to ensure that users who attempt to log on to this server via HTTPS can only do so by producing a valid certificate.

You can override the setting for individual ports by using the parameter icm/server_port_<xx> with option VCLIENT.


More Information

Note the following documentation:

Configuring the SAP Web AS for Supporting SSL

Setting the Profile Parameters for Using SSL

Configuring the Server for Checking the Client Certificate



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