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When creating or changing a production order you can check capacity availability. The system checks for every operation in the production order whether there is sufficient capacity on the relevant date at the corresponding work center. The capacity requirements of other orders or operations at this work center are also taken into account.

When creating or changing a production order you can call up the capacity availability check by choosing  ( ) Capacity. You can also call it up at operation level and at sequence level .

If you have called up the capacity availability check and there is insufficient remaining available capacity, a dialog box is displayed.

  • Choose Detail info to display detailed information on the capacity situation.

  • Choose Finite scheduling to carry out finite scheduling.

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For more information, read Document PP Capacity Planning, Section View of Shop Floor Control (SFC)

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Determining the Capacity Load

When determining the capacity load of a work center (basic load) in the context of the capacity availability check, the requirements of the operations with a particular status are taken into account. You specify which status is to be taken into account in Customizing for Capacity leveling in the selection profile via the requirements grouping. If you have not made any setting of your own, only released operations are taken into account.