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This function defines which changes are to be made to a production order in order to take into account the change to a sales order or master data.

  • Sales order changes

To determine the changes, the system compares the Simulation Order with the production order that is to be changed.

  • Master data changes

The order objects that are to be changed are determined directly from the master data.

Note Note

To display the changes for a production order, choose  ( ) Changes in the Overview of the Procurement Element Change Records . The screen Change Step Overview appears. There you can see which changes are allowed.

 ( )

For technical information about the determination of the changes refer to Executing a Comparison .

 ( )

Examples of changes that must be made to a production order:

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  • Deleting an operation

  • Inserting a component

  • Reassigning a component


The execution of these process steps is described in Executing Process Steps .

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