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In the Warehouse Management system (WMS), you can create work packages for picking in the warehouse for multiple processing. In doing so, you group together outbound deliveries or transfer requests according to certain selection criteria. Each group has its own group number.

Wave pick are a special group type. A wave pick is a work packet, which you create via the wave monitor for controlling picking in the warehouse.

The main feature of the wave pick is that you can select the outbound delivery according to certain time criteria (time slots). These criteria are based on the activities in the warehouse. A wave pick corresponds to a group and is further processed as such in the warehouse.


Using the group number, you can process the grouped outbound deliveries or transfer requests collectively: You create all of the transfer orders for the entire group in one work step and then you print out all of the transfer orders for the group. For more information, refer to Multiple Processing .

You also use the group number for two-step picking , in order to group together picking-relevant outbound deliveries or transfer requirements.