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The strategy sequence for single-pant transfer in the transfer control enables you to specify that new cost estimates will not be created for materials being used in a finished product. Instead, the cost estimate for the finished product will transfer data from existing cost estimates.


The strategy sequence is the sequence in which the system is to search for costing data.

Example Example

You specify that the system searches first for a current standard cost estimate, then for a future standard cost estimate, and finally for a previous standard cost estimate.

End of the example.

You can further restrict the search criteria by specifying the following in Customizing for Product Cost Planning:

  • That the system only searches in the current fiscal year

  • That the system only searches in a specific number of periods

  • That the system ignores materials that have the secondary requirements indicator Only individual requirements in the MRP view of the material master record (that is, the system transfers cost estimates only to collective requirements materials).

The selected data is grouped into cost components and transferred to the cost estimate.

If the system cannot find a cost estimate that meets the criteria, the material is costed afresh using the BOM and routing.

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