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You execute changes to production orders using this function. Each production order to be changed has a procurement element change record. The procurement element change record shows which process steps have been executed up to now and how advanced the change process is for the production order.


The following functions are available:

  • Overview of the procurement element change records

This overview displays all change records for procurement elements that are to be changed in the change process. To reach the overview, choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Control   Order change management   Change process   Procurement elements.   The selection parameter Processing not possible for enables you to select procurement element change records for which processing has not been possible for a certain time period.

You can also reach the procurement element overview from the initiating object record overview.

 ( )

You can complete the processing at any point in time. At the latest, the change process will be automatically completed when the production order is changed. Completing the processing is the prerequisite for deleting the procurement element change records. To complete processing, choose Complete change process .

  • Undoing Processing

Only successive processing steps can be undone. After the changes have been made to the production order, you cannot undo any more processing steps. To undo processing, choose  ( ) .

  • Logs

The system provides you with logs that contain information about the processing steps that have been carried out for the procurement element change records. Choose   Goto   Process log   to look at a temporary log in which the processing steps for the current session are recorded (for example, process step   Check changes was executed). Choose  ( ) Display to call up a log in which all processing steps that have been carried out for a procurement element change record up to now are stored.

  • Delete procurement element record

You can only delete a procurement element record if this is complete .

To carry out deletion, select the procurement element record and choose  ( ) .

  • Background Processing

You can use program CO_OCM_ORDER_LIST to execute all the functions for the procurement element change records. This covers the functions in the process ( Creating a Simulation Order , Determining Changes , Checking Changes , Executing Changes ).

Note Note

While production orders are being processed, orders that are currently being processed by other users may have to be accessed. In this case, you are informed which orders are affected and who is processing them. To start processing again at a later stage, remain in the dialog box and choose  ( ) Collect locks.

End of the note.

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