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Before you start production, you have the option of checking whether all the production resources and tools (PRTs) required to carry out the order are available.


Where is the check carried out?

Each PRT category (material, PRT master, document or equipment) has a status in its master record which specifies whether the PRT is available.

For PRT category ‘material’, you can also check the plant stock of the PRT. The system checks the following inventory categories:

  • Unrestricted-use stock

  • Stock in quality inspection

  • Unrestricted-use consignment stock

  • Consignment stock in quality inspection

You specify in Customizing whether the system should check only the status, or the status and the plant stock, when it carries out an availability check.

When is the check carried out?

You can specify in Customizing whether an availability check is to be carried out automatically. You can also specify when the checks are to be carried out.

You can specify, for example, that the check is to be carried out during order creation or order release.

If the check determines in an check that a PRT is not available, the system activates the status "PRT Shortage" in the order header.

During the check, the system creates an error log that lists the PRTs which are not available.

Note Note

If you make changes in an order, which could affect the availability of its PRTs, this does not automatically trigger a new availability check. For up-to-date information, you should restart the PRT availability check manually after you have made the changes.

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