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You can display available capacities as lists (available capacity profile) and as graphics.

In available capacity profiles up to three available capacity versions or capacity categories can be displayed, resolved down to a day.

You can display the available capacities in this list graphically, if the capacities all have the same unit of measure. You determine how the graphic is presented by entering the period type and period duration or the period pattern key :

  • Period type

    The period type determines the shortest period of time for the presentation. You can choose between calendar days, working days, weeks, months and years . If you choose working days and you have entered a factory calendar, the working days in the factory calendar are used.

  • Period duration

    The period duration determines how many units of the chosen period type are shown together in the graphic. For instance, if you enter period duration 4 and period type calendar days, the available capacity for four calendar days is displayed together.


Displaying Available Capacity as a List
  1. In the Intervals of Available Capacity screen enter the capacity categories and version numbers of the available capacities you want to display.

    You can display up to three available capacities.

  2. If necessary, enter another unit of measure for available capacities

  3. If required, enter a date from which the interval of available capacity should be displayed.

    If you do not enter a date, all intervals are shown

  4. Choose Enter .

    Using the list displayed, you can then display available capacities graphically.

Displaying Available Capacity Graphically
  1. In the header screen    choose Goto   Interval.  

    The Time frame for period pattern and selections screen appears.

  2. Enter either the period duration and period type or a period pattern key .

  3. Enter the period you want to see.

  4. Choose Continue .

    The SAP Business Graphic appears. The available capacities from the available capacities profile are displayed in 3-D.

  5. You can select how the graphic is presented by choosing Goto and then the required presentation type ( 2D-view, 3D-View, Overview ).

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    For more information about SAP Business Graphics, see the SAP Library   Basis Components,ABAPDevelopment Workbench   SAP Graphics:  

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