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Overall profiles control what information is displayed in the object overview and which layout is used to display this information.

Background documentation 

Overall profiles use Layouts, which are also used for the individual object lists. "Old" overall profiles for the "classic" object overview continue to use profiles.


You can create and change layout-based overall profiles in Customizing for Shop Floor Control or the Process Order under   Information System   Define Profiles for Order Information System   . (Technically speaking, the system uses the SAP List Viewer (ALV).)

As of SAP ECC 6.0, you can only create and change the overall profile of the "classic" object overview, which uses profiles instead of layouts, directly in the function Overall Profiles: Order Information System (transaction COIS). (Technically speaking, the system uses the SAP List Tree.)

Caution Caution

You cannot change existing overall profiles to layout-based display by selecting or deselecting the indicator Overall Profile for Layout-Based Output (ALV) ; instead you must create the overall profile in question again, in Customizing.

End of the caution.


In an overall profile, you can

  • Enter layouts (or profiles)that define the field selection for the displayed objects

  • Define which orders should be imported (process or production orders and/or planned orders)

  • Specify a variant that controls whether selection criteria are displayed and prefilled. (You can only specify a variant in the overall profile for the "classic" object overview).

  • Determine an object that is to be read from the database

  • Determine which of these objects are to be displayed in the list

  • Define the object up to which the objects in the object overview are to be expanded


You maintain the profiles in Customizing for Production under   Shop Floor Control   Information System   Define Profile for Order Information System   or in Customizing for Production Planning for Process Industries under   Process Order   Information System   .