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You can use dynamic cumulation in capacity planning to cumulate available capacities from hierarchy work centers to superior hierarchy work centers.

You can only carry out a dynamic cumulation in those parts of capacity planning where capacity requirements and available capacities are represented per period, for example in the capacity evaluation or in the tabular version of the planning table in capacity leveling.

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The meaning of cumulated available capacities and capacity requirements for capacity planning is described in the section Cumulation of available capacities and capacity requirements .

You can find an example of a work center hierarchy and of the cumulation of available capacities in the section Cumulation of available capacities .

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In a dynamic cumulation the system cumulates the available capacities and the capacity requirements for all capacity categories of the work centers that you have selected for capacity planning and that belong to the hierarchy specified. The cumulation is carried out for the whole of the evaluation period on the basis of the period pattern specified.

The cumulated available capacity and the cumulated capacity requirements for a capacity category at a work center are a result of the combination of available capacities and capacity requirements for the same capacity category at the lowest level in the relevant part of the hierarchy branch.

If the indicator Explosion stop is set for a work center in the hierarchy then its subordinate work centers are not taken account of in the cumulation. The hierarchy is exploded in the branch affected only as far as this work center.

Cumulating available capacities

When cumulating the available capacity, the system summarizes the available capacities in the active capacity version into one available capacity and writes it to the active version of the corresponding capacity category in the superior work center. The operating times of the subordinate work centers can be different; the longest operating time is copied to the capacity version for the superior work center as the operating time.

Cumulating capacity requirements

If capacity requirements have already been assigned to a capacity at a hierarchy work center, in which capacities are cumulated, then these are added to the cumulated capacity requirements.

If you have assigned a pooled capacity to several hierarchy work centers the total capacity requirements for the pooled capacity for every hierarchy work center.

Distribution according to operating time when cumulating

In the capacity evaluation , the system, when distributing according to operating time, distributes the capacity requirements of each operation according to the operating time of the corresponding subordinate work center, before it cumulates the capacity requirements of the operations in the superior hierarchy work center.

To ensure that the system executes the distribution during cumulation in the same way in Capacity leveling with the capacity planning table and in the Extended evaluation , you must set the Hierarchy explosion indicator in the selection profile. If you do not set the indicator, the system distributes the capacity requirements for an operation according to the operating time of the subordinate work center. For further information, see Distribution of capacity requirements .


You can make all the settings for the dynamic cumulation:

You can specify whether you want to cumulate available capacities or capacity requirements or both using the hierarchy specified. If you want to work with cumulated data you should cumulate both the capacity requirements and the available capacities. You can create cumulated available capacities in the work center at an early stage in capacity planning using the static cumulation . Then you only need to cumulate the capacity requirements dynamically in capacity planning.

When calling up the capacity evaluation, the extended evaluation or capacity leveling, the system cumulates the available capacities and capacity requirements according to your settings.

During the capacity evaluation, you can also execute a dynamic cumulation of the capacity requirements or available capacities using a hierarchy of your choice by choosing   Settings   General   . You can also display a hierarchy with Hierarchy graphic.