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You can use static cumulation in work center maintenance to cumulate available capacities from hierarchy work centers to a superior hierarchy work center.

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The meaning of cumulated available capacities for capacity planning is described in the section Cumulation of available capacities and capacity requirements .

You can find an example of a work center hierarchy and of the cumulation of available capacities in the section Cumulation of available capacities .

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You execute a static cumulation in the work center when processing a version of available capacity. This is how you determine the available capacity of this version of available capacity. The available capacity maintained to date is overwritten with the available capacity that was generated by the cumulation function.

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You cannot carry out a cumulation in a work center that references a capacity since its available capacity can only be changed by changing the reference capacity.

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You can specify on what level of the hierarchy in the branch of the hierarchy under the work center the available capacity is to be cumulated. On this hierarchy level the system groups together the available capacities of the active versions of available capacity with the same capacity category. The operating times of the work centers on the hierarchy level can be different; the longest operating time is used as the operating time.

The system carries out the cumulation per period for the period of time in question. You define this period of time using the start date and the period pattern key . The available capacity per period in the period split results from the averaging and addition of the available capacities of the subordinate work centers in this period.

The cumulation function also generates an available capacity for the period before and after the cumulation period.

  • Before the cumulation period the standard available capacity of the capacity category that you are maintaining is valid.

  • Following the cumulation period the cumulated available capacity of the last day of the cumulation period is valid.

Explosion stop

If the indicator Explosion stop is set for a work center in the hierarchy then its subordinate work centers are not taken account of in the cumulation. The hierarchy is exploded in the branch affected only as far as this work center.


You call up the static cumulation when maintaining the version of available capacity of a work center capacity with   Extras   Avail.cap via hier.  

If a work center belongs to several hierarchies then you can store the cumulated available capacities using the various hierarchies in various versions of available capacity in the work center.

If the available capacity of a subordinate hierarchy work center changes, the cumulated available capacity does not change automatically. If necessary, carry out a static cumulation again.

Note Note

In capacity planning you can use dynamic cumulation to cumulate both available capacities and capacity requirements.

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