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 Simulating a Cost Estimate (Configuration Simulation) Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. Choose   Logistics   Central functions   Var. configuration   Environment   Config. simulation   .

  2. The screen Configuration: Initial Screen appears.

  3. Enter the material and the application, and choose   Goto   Char. value assignment   .

  4. The screen Configuration: Characteristic Value Assignment appears.

  5. Choose   Environment   Costing   .

  6. The dialog box Variant Costing appears.

  7. Enter a costing variant and choose Enter .

  8. The dialog box Control Parameters appears.

  9. Enter the following data:

  • Costing dates

  • Transfer control

  1. Choose Enter .


The screen Variant Costing: Costing Data for Material appears. The system shows you the costing results based on the costing variant you used.

The cost estimate for a variant is only simulated with this function. It is not saved.

See also:

Planned Costs in Variant Processing

For information on calculating overhead expenses, both in general and with respect to configuration simulation, refer to the section Overhead in Sales-Order-Related Production .