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Calculating the Duration of Operation Segments

Standard Value Key

The standard value key defines the meaning of the six standard values (for example, setup time, machine time, personnel time). It is assigned to the individual work center. You define the standard values (for example, setup time 12 minutes, machine time 30 minutes).

Formulas and Formula Parameters

The formulas are entered in the work center and are used to calculate the duration of the operation segments setup, process and teardown. These formulas refer back to the formula parameters (for example, standard values 1-6, base quantity, operation quantity).

Calculating the Duration (Example)

The formula for calculating the duration of processing is, for example:

Duration = ((operation quantity* machine time)/base quantity/operation splits

Entering example data, the result is:

Duration = ((10 pieces*30 minutes)/2 pieces/3 = 50 minutes

Performance Efficiency Rate Key

The performance efficiency rate key defines the relationship between the entered target time to the actual time that you aim for. If a performance efficiency rate key is defined for a standard value, this standard value is entered in the formula with the performance efficiency rate key.

Standard Value Calculation

In addition to defining standard values manually, you can also get the system to calculate them for you.

On the Std. val. calculation tab page in the operation of a production order/routing, you can maintain data that specifies

  • The type of standard value calculation (for example, using CAPP or estimation)

  • The year in which the standard values were calculated

  • The basis used for calculating the standard values

  • The standard value code used for calculating the standard values (for example, tables containing planned times)

For more information about calculating standard values using CAPP, refer to the document

PP-CAP - Standard Value Calculation .