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If you want to look at the capacity situation of groups of work centers or production areas instead of the capacity situation of individual production work centers you must cumulate available capacities and capacity requirements.


The cumulation of available capacities and capacity requirements takes place using work center hierarchies. You can use hierarchies to represent areas of a company according to your planning needs. You can define work center hierarchies in the area menu Work centers . You can find detailed information on work center hierarchies in the documentation PP - Work Centers .


There are different cumulation functions available in capacity planning and in the work center:

This is the cumulation function in capacity planning. You can use this function to cumulate both capacity requirements and available capacities.

This is the cumulation function in the work center. You can only use this function to cumulate available capacities. Of course, you can maintain "cumulated" available capacities manually in superior hierarchy work centers.


For performance reasons, it is recommended that for large hierarchies you statically cumulate available capacities in the work center at an early stage in capacity planning. Then you can access the previously cumulated available capacities in capacity planning and only have to dynamically cumulate the capacity requirements.

If the available capacities change then dynamic cumulation of available capacity during capacity planning is more up-to-date. You can also update the statically cumulated available capacities by carr ying out the static cumulation again after a change in the available capacities.