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You enter plan data in Controlling via entry screens. You structure these entry screens during Customizing for planning using the Report Painter functions (see also: User-Defined Planning Layouts ). In the following, entry screens for plan data are referred to as planning layouts .

Planning layouts are used in different application components within the SAP System. Information on defining planning layouts other information over and above cost center planning can be found as follows:

Internal orders

User-Defined Planning Layouts

Activity-Based Costing

Defining Planning Layouts

Real Estate Controlling

User-Defined Planning Layouts

The standard system includes several common planning layouts designed for cost center planning and other related activities. These planning layouts are structured according to planning areas and assigned to a particular planner profile (for cost center planning for example). See also: Planner Profile

One planner profile can contain multiple planning areas. One planner area can contain multiple planning layouts. You can group planning layouts efficiently by assigning them to planner profiles. During planning you can switch between planning layouts belonging to a given planning area of a given planner profile.

Caution Caution

Before switching planning layouts within a planning area, you must first save the data of the planning layout you are leaving.

End of the caution.

The graphic below shows the possible uses of planner profiles and planning layouts:

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It is advisable to create a separate planner profile, with appropriate planning layouts, for each enterprise area for which planning is to be performed.

Planning with user-definable entry screens has the following advantages:

You can:

  • Define multiple lead columns

  • Flexibly structure value columns, for example:

  • Version planning

  • Quarterly, half-year, and annual planning

  • Centralized or decentralized planning

  • Activity outputs (sender perspective)

  • Cost planning in different currencies

  • Planning with varying actual price indicators, and a switching structure for cost component splitting