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You can use the quantity structure control to specify how the system selects a bill of material and a routing for the material to be costed.

You define the quantity structure control in Customizing for Product Cost Planning. The quantity structure control can apply to either a specific plant or to all plants. You enter the quantity structure control in the costing variant. When the cost estimate is created, the system selects the quantity structure control ID through the costing variant.

When you create a cost estimate for a material, you always use a costing variant. This variant is the link between the cost estimate and the quantity structure control.


The quantity structure control links the cost estimate to the following:

  • BOM application

  • Routing selection

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The routing selection ID determines how the system selects a routing. You can define several priorities. You assign selection criteria (task list type, task list usage, and task list status) to each of these priorities.

The routing that corresponds to the selection criteria with the highest selection priority is selected. If, however, no alternative routing can be found, the system continues searching using the selection criteria of the next selection priority.

The BOM application controls the following:

  • The order of priority of the BOM usages (selection ID)

When a BOM is required to embrace various enterprise areas (in other words, it has several BOM usages), you can determine which usage will be selected by the system first by using a selection ID.

  • The priority of an alternative BOM for a specific multiple BOM

You can control which alternative BOM the system selects as of a certain date for a specific material, taking into account the plant and the BOM usage. You can use the application to determine whether the system takes this specification into account or ignores it.

  • Whether the system includes only those BOMs with a status containing particular status indicators

An alternative BOM is only exploded if the BOM status contains the indicator required in the application.

You can check the BOM application and the parameters that are linked to it in Customizing for Product Cost Planning.

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When determining the BOM and routing, the system also checks the following:

  • Whether the BOM and the routing are valid on the quantity structure date

  • Whether the lot size in the BOM and in the routing are the same as the costing lot size

If, for example, the system finds a BOM according to the parameters in the quantity structure control, but this BOM has a lot size or validity period that does not correspond to the cost estimate, the BOM is ignored. The system continues searching for a BOM using the next selection criteria until it finds one that is valid.

A material can be represented in various alternative BOMs. You can specify that a particular BOM alternative be used for the cost estimate at a certain date. The following graphic gives you an overview of the alternative selection for multiple BOMs in costing:

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To check the parameters that are linked to the costing variant in Customizing, choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Environment   Material Costing   Check costing variant.