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If an operation is usually started before the preceding operation is finished, this is an overlap . The overlap is defined in the operation ( Overlapping tab page).

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In this case, the system calculates the start dates and finish dates in such a way that the overlapped operations can be carried out continuously, taking into account the minimum send-ahead quantity and the minimum overlap time. The waiting time of the overlapped operations is determined from the waiting time of the first operation (the overlapping sequence).

If you want to overlap two operations, you have to maintain the overlapping data on the operation detail screen in the first of the two operations (in the above figure, operation 10 and operation 40).

Process Flow Production

If operations are completely overlapped, regardless of their duration, this is called process flow production . Process flow production is defined in the operation ( Overlapping tab page).

All operations for which process flow production is set up are lengthened, so that their execution time is equal to the execution time of the longest operation using process flow production.

When overlapping takes place or in the case of process flow production, all overlapped operations are scheduled with the queue time of the first operation that is overlapped.