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Initiating object records are created automatically by the system when a sales order is changed or when a change number or a leading change master record is released. These initiating object records determine which production orders (procurement elements) have to be changed.


Initiating object records can be written if the following prerequisites are met:

  • Overall change profile in the material master

The overall profile for order change management must be entered in the material master under Work scheduling in the field Overall profile . In the overall change profile, you assign Change Profiles to the possible changes (sales order change, master data change). A change profile controls the change process. You maintain the profile for order change management in Customizing for Shop Floor Control by choosing   Operations   Order Change Management (OCM)   .

  • Change of master data

The leading change master record/change number, with which you executed the changes to the master data (for example, bill of material, order BOM, routing), has to be released with a release key that is intended for order change management (Release: Rel.OCM , Shift the date: Date OCM ). You maintain the release key in Customizing by choosing   General Logistics   Order Change Management   Release Key   Define Release Key.   The object category to be changed (routing or BOM) must be active in the change number or change package (default from ECH change profile).

  • Change in sales order data

Change management must be activated in the requirements class in the sales order item's requirements type (Field EC Management ). You can maintain the requirements class in Customizing under   Sales and Distribution   Basic Functions   Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements   Transfer of Requirements   Define Requirements Classes.  


Initiating object records are written automatically when you:

  • Change the sales order

  • Release the change number or the leading change master record with a corresponding release key

The initiating object record contains the sales order number or the change number (see Processing Initiating Object Records ).