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  1. Choose   Logistics   Production   Shop floor control   Control   Order change management   Change process   Procurement elements  

  2. Enter the selection criteria for the required procurement element change records.

  3. Choose  ( ) .

  4. The screen Overview of the Procurement Element Change Records appears.

  5. Select the procurement element change records for which you want to process the change steps.

  6. Choose  ( ) Changes .

  7. The screen Change Step Overview appears.

  8. To select the change step that you want to process, position the cursor on the change step and choose  ( ) .

  9. You can also select several change steps.

  10. Choose one of the following functions:

  •  ( ) Set "Do not execute"

  •  ( ) Reset "Do not execute"

  •  ( ) Set "execute"

Note Note

If you process the change steps for a collective order, the overview of the collective order appears first. Select the order there that you want to process. The processing then continues with step 6.

End of the note.

For more information, refer to Change Step Overview .