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Before a collective availability check is carried out, the following criteria need to be decided on:

  • Sequence of the checks

The orders are checked in the sequence in which they are displayed in the object detail list (i.e. the top order is checked first). You can change the sequence using the grouping and sort functions of the production order information system.

  • Number of orders to be checked

All orders in the list that are marked are checked.

When you carry out a collective availability check online, you specify the following:

  • Reset of availability data from the last check

If you decide to reset the availability data from the last check, the following data is deleted for all orders, before the checks are carried out.

  • the committed quantity in the material components

  • the missing parts indicator in the material components (only in production order)

  • the total committed date in the order header

  • the committed quantity in the order header

The system statuses Material shortage (MSPT) and Material committed (MACM) in the production order are deactivated.

Note Note

The system always resets all orders in one step. The orders are not unlocked until the last order has been reset.

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  • Execute availability check

Use this indicator to switch on the collective availability check. You can choose between the following options:

  • Individual

If you select this indicator, the availability check is carried out for each material depending on the settings in the checking group. If the checking group specifies, for example, that the material is always checked against planning then a check is always carried out against planning.

  • ATP check

If you select this indicator, the availability check is carried out for all materials using the ATP logic. In this case, the settings in the checking group are ignored.

  • Planning check

If you select this indicator, the availability of all materials is checked against planning, providing the checking does not specify No checking against planning .

  • Firm planned orders

You can specify, that planned orders for which components are available are firmed after the availability check has been carried out. This means that the planned orders are firmed for the planning run and will not be changed automatically.

  • Availability logs

You can specify which level of message is to be recorded in a log (for example information message or error message). If no messages of the specified types occur, or only messages of a lower level, then the system does not write a log.

Example Example

If you work without using the check mode, you can maintain the following parameters:

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  • Reset of the avaialbility data

  • Execute availability check

The check type is set up individually for each material previously. This means that the availability of each material is checked according to its check group.

The default setting is that planned orders are firmed and that a log is produced from message level "W" (warning).