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In the workflow builder, you can schedule four types of flow step:

Program with Variants

Enter a program and a variant.

User Decision

For a user decision, the system sends a message to a user. The system generates a text that creates a message header in the user’s inbox. The system stops processing the individual tasks in the flow definition until the user confirms the message. The text should therefore contain the information required to make the decision, such as which task the system just executed and which data needs checking.


You can define as many tasks as you wish in each of the parallel branches. All of the parallel branches join at the end, although the task that follows the join is only processed when all of the tasks in each branch are completed.

You cannot subsequently change the number of parallel branches. However, you can delete a branch by deleting all of the tasks in the branch. You cannot add another branch.

Flow Definition

The flow definition consists of several tasks that the system executes in the specified order, once you schedule the flow definition in the daily overview of the scheduler. You can create further "sub-" flow definitions within a flow definition.