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  • You are using a valuated special stock (valuated sales order stock or valuated project stock).

  • You are managing the valuated special stock separately from the make-to-stock-inventory.

You make this setting in Customizing Product Cost by Sales Order under   Control of Sales-Order-Related Production   Check Requirements Classes   .


  1. Choose   Logistics   Materials Management   Inventory Management   Environment   Stock   Valuated Special Stock   . The screen Valuated Sales Order and Project Stock appears.

  2. Enter data as required.

Choose   Program   Execute   .


The list includes the following information on the stock segment:

  • Material

  • Sales document

  • Sales document item

  • Total stock (quantity)

  • Total value

  • Price control

  • Moving average price

  • Standard price

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To find out which settings you must make to be able to use a valuated sales order stock, refer to the following section:

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