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The data required to deliver the manufactured material to the warehouse is contained on the Goods receipt tab page in the order.

It contains the following information:

  • tol.: Here you can enter a percentage for the tolerance of underdelivery. If a goods receipt quantity is within the underdelivery tolerance, the receipt is regarded as a partial delivery and accepted without a corresponding warning message. If the underdelivery falls short of the tolerance, the system issues a corresponding message.

  • tol.: Here you can enter a percentage for the tolerance of overdelivery. The system does not accept a goods receipt that is greater than the order quantity plus the overdelivery tolerance. If this case arises, the system issues an error message during the posting of the goods receipt.

  • Unlimited overdelivery If this indicator is set, unlimited overdeliveries are permitted. The system does not issue any warnings.

  • Stock type Here you can set whether upon goods receipt, the material

  • is posted to unrestricted-use stock

  • is posted to stock in quality inspection (setting is transferred from the material master)

  • is locked

  • Goods receipt : If this indicator is set, a goods receipt is expected for the production order. This means that the production order is relevant to inventory management.

  • Delivery completed This indicator is set automatically by the system, as soon as a delivery is posted within the delivery tolerances. You can, however, set this indicator manually during a goods receipt posting.

  • GR non-val.: This indicator is set automatically by the system, if the order is assigned to an account other than that of the material to be produced (for example to a sales order).

  • Storage location: If a storage location is maintained in the material master of the material being produced, the system proposes it in this field.

If desired you can also maintain Batch , Goods recipient and Unloading point as additional information for the goods receipt.