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Procedure documentationCreating Unit Cost Estimates with Reference Locate this document in the navigation structure


When you create a unit cost estimate, you have the option of copying the costing data from existing cost estimates. The object for which you are creating the unit cost estimate determines which existing cost estimates you can access.

For example, if you create a unit cost estimate for a sales document, you can copy the costing data from a base planning object or from another sales document.

Object for unit cost estimate

Cost estimates that can be accessed

Base planning object

Base planning object

Cost object ID

Base planning object or other cost object ID

Production order

Base planning object, material

Sales document

Base planning object or other sales document

Work breakdown structure (WBS) element

Base planning object or other WBS element

Internal order

Base planning object or other internal order



Additive costs



Example Example

Using a Base Planning Object in a Unit Cost Estimate for a Sales Order

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Sales Order   Cost Estimate   Sales Order   Change  .

    The screen Change Sales Order: Initial Screen appears.

  2. Enter the order number and choose Enter.

  3. Select the item and choose   Extras   Costing  .

    The dialog box Create Cost Estimate appears.

  4. Enter the costing variant and specify the base planning object or the sales document whose cost estimate you want to copy.

  5. Choose Enter.

    The costing items are copied to the cost estimate and revalued.

  6. Create more costing items as required or simulate changes to existing items.

  7. Save the cost estimate and the sales order.

End of the example.

Example Example

Using a Material Cost Estimate in a New Material Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost Planning   Material Costing   Cost Estimate Without Quantity Structure   Create  .

  2. Enter the material and the plant.

  3. On the Costing Data tab, enter the costing variant and the other required data for the new cost estimate.

  4. Choose Copy Cost Estimate (Copy Cost Estimate).

    The Copy from group box is displayed.

  5. In the Copy from group box, enter the data for the material cost estimate that you want to copy.

    If you want to search for existing cost estimates:

    1. Click Find Cost Estimate (Find Cost Estimate)

      The dialog box Selection of material cost estimates appears.

    2. Enter the selection criteria and choose Execute (Execute).

      A list of material cost estimates based on your search criteria appears.

    3. Select the required cost estimate with a double click.

      The cost estimate is transferred to the Copy from group box.

  6. Choose Enter and check the proposed costing dates on the Dates tab.

  7. Choose Enter.

    The screen Create Unit Cost Estimate: List Screen appears.

    The costing items are copied from the reference and revalued.

  8. Edit the costing items and save the cost estimate.

End of the example.