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The scheduling parameters are defined in Customizing per order type, plant and production scheduler (from the material master) (Customizing for Shop Floor Control, by choosing   Operations   Scheduling   Define Scheduling Parameters)   . In what follows the parameters are described that affect the scheduling of a production order. Further control parameters are described in the course of this section.

Scheduling Type

The scheduling type determines how scheduling is to take place (for example, backwards). When you create a production order it is proposed on the order header screen. However, you can overwrite the default in the individual production orders.

Today Scheduling

In Customizing you can specify that an order is rescheduled as soon as it is a certain number of days late ( Start in the past indicator). The system then automatically carries out today scheduling when the basic start date of the order is more than the given number of days in the past. Today scheduling is a type of forward scheduling starting from today’s date and where the necessary reduction measures are applied (see Reduction Measures ).


You can specify that a production order is to be rescheduled automatically whenever it is saved (indicator Automatic scheduling). If changes relevant to scheduling are made in the order and this indicator is not set then the order is given the status NTER (dates not current).

Scheduling Allowing for Breaks

With the Scheduling with breaks indicator, you can define that the exact timing of a break is taken into account. It is then impossible for a calculated date to fall at the time of a break. For scheduling with breaks to occur, an active version of the available capacity must have been entered in the work center.

Scheduling Based on Production Dates

With the From production dates indicator, you can define that the production dates (scheduled dates) must be defined for scheduling.