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This function enables the transfer of scrap data for the Production shop order to SAP ERP when an SFC number is scrapped during the production in SAP ME.


  • SAP ME is the system of record for WIP. All WIP changes to the Production shop orders are made in SAP ME and communicated to SAP ERP.

  • For ERP configuration type C, SAPMEINT does not record yield and scrap quantity through normal ERP confirmation of production orders.

    For ERP configuration types A and B, if you update a production order directly in SAP ERP by recording scrap quantity movements, SAPMEINT does not update the corresponding shop order in SAP ME (see SAPMEINT: SAP ERP Configuration).

  • SAPMEINT does not support the following:

  • SAP ME does not support scrapping of component SFC numbers or removal of assembled components.


  • You have verified that all work centers have the same activity types arranged in the same sequence.

  • You have verified that operation sequence is not checked (transaction OPK4).


  • When you scrap an SFC number belonging to the Production shop order in SAP ME using Log NC and choose the Scrap disposition function or use the Scrap activity in SFC Scrap/Delete (see Disposition Functions and SFC Scrap/Delete), the system triggers a collaboration event.

  • SAPMEINT sends the following information to SAP ERP to report the quantity of scrapped finished goods and component quantities consumed:

    • Production Order

    • Operation

    • Scrap

    • Quantity

    • Base Unit of Measure of the produced material

    • Batch Number

      If an SFC number is manufactured in SAP ME, batch information is obtained from the shop order of this component, otherwise from the assembled inventory ID.

    • Components scrapped at this operation and at any operation before this ERP reporting step

    • Serial Number

      If SAP ERP 6.05 and serial numbers are used and the length of serial number is the same in SAP ME and SAP ERP.

      Note that no serial number is sent for a scrapped SFC number.

    See also Transfer of Floor Stock Return and Scrap Data.