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SAP ERP contains classification data for each material within the material master.

This function enables the transfer of material master classification data from SAP ERP to SAP ME to create a corresponding material record with custom data in SAP ME (see Material, Custom Data, and Material Transfer).

Classification data is distributed only when an assignment exists in the material master record.


  • The material master is used by all components in the SAP Logistics System.

  • The classification data contained in the material master is used in Materials Management to further describe materials using the following characteristics:

    • The class type determines how classes are processed, and how objects can be classified and retrieved in these classes.

    • Characteristics describe the properties of objects. The values of a characteristic specify these properties.




  • You create a material master record with classification data in SAP ERP (see Creating a Material Master Record).

  • You send the material to SAP ME.

  • SAP ERP creates the corresponding classification IDoc when the material master IDoc is generated.

  • SAPMEINT creates the corresponding material record with custom data in SAP ME (see Material Maintenance).