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 Executing Unplanned Withdrawal of Components for an Order Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can withdraw materials for an order that are not listed as components in the order. These "unplanned withdrawals" cause the actual costs of the production order to be updated.


  1. Choose   Logistics   Materials management   Inventory management   Goods movement   Goods issue   .  

  2. Choose   Movement type   Consumption   To order   From warehouse   . The system automatically proposes movement type 261 (goods issue for order).  

  3. Enter the storage location from which the goods withdrawal should take place. Choose  ( ) .

  4. The system automatically branches to the screen Enter Goods Issue: New Items.

  5. Enter the number of the production order, as well as the material number, quantity, unit of measure and, if necessary, the batch number for each material that should be withdrawn. Save the goods issue.