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 Using the Fast Entry Function for Cost Object Hierarchies Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have defined a cost object profile in Customizing for Product Cost by Period and specified it in the cost object category.


List entry is recommended for mass entry of cost object nodes.


  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Period   Master Data   Cost Object Hierarchy   Fast Entry of Cost Object Hierarchy   .

  2. The screen CO-PC: Create Cost Objects/Product Group (List Processing)1 appears.

  3. Enter a cost object category that is suitable for creating a cost object hierarchy. Choose   Program   Execute   .

  4. The screen Create Cost Object: List Screen appears.

  5. Enter the required data, such as:

  • Name of the cost object

  • Higher-level cost object

  • Controlling area

  • Company code

  • Business area

  • Plant

  1. Check the control parameters used in accordance with the settings in the cost object profile and cost object category. You can change these default values if necessary.

  1. You can define the top of the hierarchy in the list entry. You do this by positioning the cursor on a line and choosing   Edit   Define Top Node  

  1. Save the cost object nodes.


If there are entries that have errors, when you save the cost object hierarchy you receive a list of the cost object nodes.

A traffic light symbol informs you of the state of the cost object nodes. Red lights mean that there are cost object nodes with errors. The entries with errors cannot be saved. To determine the causes of the errors, look at the messages. You do this by choosing the menu options   Goto   Messages   .

See also:

To assign single objects and to change (and display) the cost object hierarchy, go into the structured entry mode (see also: Editing Cost Object Hierarchies ).