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Production orders that belong to collective orders are generally released in the same way as normal production orders. When there is a release in the collective order, the system sets the status RLNE (release occurred in network) at header level in the collective order’s leading order. This status is not reversed.

An operation cannot be released if one of the following applies:

  • The operations in dependent orders are not released

An operation can only be released, if all preceding operations have been released. If components are assigned to an operation and if a separate order was created to manufacture these components, then the operation can only be released if all the operations in the dependent order have already been released.

  • The operations in the dependent orders cannot be accessed

The system cannot check whether all preceding operations are released if, when calling up the order, you have not specified that you want to display the whole order, or at least a subtree.

If you have called up an individual order, the system does not let you release it (unless the order is at the end of a subtree).

Example: Releasing Orders and Operations in Collective Orders

For more information about releasing operations and orders, refer to Order Release .