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The information contained in this info object is relevant to the material master for industry and to the article master for retail. Retail customers are requested to substitute:

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  • article for material

  • requirements planning for material requirements planning or MRP


  1. In the Material Master menu, choose   Profile   MRP profile   or   Forecast profile   Change   .  

The initial screen appears.

  1. Enter the name of the profile and choose Selection screen .

The selection screen appears. All fields belonging to the profile are selected.

  1. Change the profile as required. You have the following options:

  • Selecting new fields as fixed values or default values

  • Changing fixed values to default values, or vice versa

  • Deselecting fields that are no longer needed

When you change a profile, the same checks are carried out as when you create a profile (see Creating a Profile ).

  1. Choose Data screen .

The data screen appears.

  1. Change the values as required and save the profile .

The initial screen appears, where you can continue.


When you change fixed values in a profile, the system updates the profile and also automatically creates the background job PROFILE to update all material master records to which this profile is assigned; that is, the changes to the fixed values are copied to the relevant material master records. A change document is created automatically for all materials where such changes are made. For more information on this background job, see the documentation for program RMMM0001.