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 Entering Sender Activities Locate this document in the navigation structure

  1. To enter sender activities, from the relevant application area menu, choose   Actual postings   Sender activities   Enter.  

  2. On the initial screen, enter the document date and the posting date .

  3. The system defaults the current date, which you can however overwrite.

  4. Choose Number intervals to display the external or internal number ranges set for the given transaction-based allocation.

    1. If you have defined a number range with internal number assignment for the sender and you do not enter a document number, the system assigns a number automatically (see: Number Ranges ).

    2. If a number range with external number assignment is defined for the sender, enter a (free) document number from the number range interval.

    This allows you to use the external number assignment universally. This also ensures that the Controlling documents can be adapted to the numbering conventions of the feeder systems (for example, entry of operations in the production department).

  5. To avoid continually reentering similar allocations, you can use existing documents as a template .

  6. This helps minimize errors when entering documents. Enter the template document under Template.

  7. To enter one posting, choose Detail screen .

  8. To enter more than one posting, choose List screen .

  9. Enter the data for your posting.

  10. On the list screen , you can copy as many document rows as you require, minimizing the number of entries you need to make.

    1. To do so, select the line that you want to copy.

    2. Choose Copy.

    3. Mark the row before which you want to insert the copied row.

    4. Choose Insert.

  11. On the list screen , you can cut out one or more rows and insert them in other positions.

    1. Mark the given row(s).

    2. Choose Cut.

    3. Mark the row before which you want to insert the copied row.

    4. Choose Insert.

  12. To delete one or more rows on the list screen , mark the given rows and choose Delete item(s ).

  13. Also on the list screen , you can transfer an existing value into column fields that are still empty.

    1. To do so, position your cursor on the value you want to transfer to the empty column fields.

    2. Choose Set/reset.

    The value now appears in all the previously empty rows in the relevant column. You do not need to repeat the entries.

    To reset the fields, position your cursor on the column and choose Set/reset once more.

  14. On the list screen , you can copy the last value entered in a column into a new row.

  15. To do so, enter "*" in the given column of the new row. When you post , the system enters the appropriate amount.

  16. Enter the activity quantity.

  17. You do not need to enter the activity unit, since the system automatically adopts the relevant units from the totals transaction data.

  18. To display the document header, choose Document header .

  19. You can enter a text for the document header.

  20. On the Detail screen you can switch between different posting rows.

To do so, choose Previous item or Next item or alternatively, First item or Last item.