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This function enables the transfer of BOM master data from SAP ERP to create or update the corresponding BOM record of type Master in SAP ME (see Bill of Material (BOM)).


  • The BOM contains essential master data for integrated materials management and production control.

  • The data stored in the bill of material serves as a basis for production planning activities in ERP such as the following:

    • In Material Requirements Planning (MRP), calculating cost-effective order quantities for materials

    • In Production Planning and Control, planning the provision of materials

  • SAP ERP BOM Usage is not used in any business process in SAP ME. It is used only to determine a unique key for the SAP ME BOM.

  • SAP ERP does not allow sending alternate BOMs using transaction BD30.

  • SAP ME defaults the first BOM to version A and increments an additional integer value for subsequent updates. For example: A-01, A-02. A new BOM version is created when you change the following in SAP ERP:

    • Material numbers of the ERP BOM item

    • Subitems quantity of the ERP BOM item

    • Quantity of the ERP BOM item

    • The ERP BOM status

    • Quantity of the ERP BOM header

  • The last new BOM successfully created in SAP ME from receipt of the SAP ERP BOMMAT03 IDoc is always set to Releasable and marked as the current version of that BOM.

  • SAP ME does not use SAP ERP validity dates or lot size.

    Make sure that you always transfer the actual BOM.

  • Any BOM items without the component material value are filtered out. SAP MII detects these types of components in the SAP ERP BOMMAT IDoc and does not send them to SAP ME.

  • SAP ERP BOM sub-items are transferred as reference designators into SAP ME (see Reference Designator).

  • SAP ERP BOM items with Alternate Item Group are handled as follows:

    Alternates in SAP ME are identified by an alternate item group that can be maintained in SAP ERP at the item level. The first item in the group is a component in the SAP ME BOM; all the other items of the alternate item group are alternates of the SAP ME BOM.

    Note Note

    All items in the SAP ERP alternate item group must have the same unit of measure and the same item quantity.

    End of the note.
  • The unit of measure of SAP ERP BOM item quantity must be the base unit of measure of the specified material.

  • The deletion of distributed BOMs is not supported.

Quantities and Units of Measure in BOM

In SAP ERP you can define the header material of a BOM with a unit of measure different from the base unit of measure. SAP ME takes the quantity in the base unit of measure from the BOM header to normalize the BOM item quantities. The Assembly Qty of the BOM component in SAP ME BOM Maintenance is the base quantity of SAP ERP BOM item divided by the base quantity in the SAP ERP BOM header. The Unit of Measure of the BOM components is taken from the SAP ERP material master.