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Implementation Considerations

Consider the following:

Ignoring BOM and Routing Update
  • SAP ERP production orders contain the material and quantity to be produced, as well as the production order BOM and routing.

    Unlike SAP ERP productions orders, SAP ME shop orders do not contain components and operations but reference the production order BOM and routing.

    You can disable the mapping of the production order BOM and routing in SAP ME by setting the Ignore BOM Update and Ignore Routing Update rules to true in System Rule Maintenance (see ERP Integration Rules). When set to true, each setting causes the production order download to SAP ME to look for an existing BOM or routing by name only (not its contents). This is effective if the corresponding Master BOM or routing has been enhanced in SAP ME beyond what is provided in the SAP ERP production order integration.

    When the mapping of the production order BOM is disabled, SAP ME does not correlate production order components according to the quantity of the finished material.

Unit of Measure

SAP ERP always transfers quantities in base units of measure (UoM) to SAP ME, regardless of the UoM used in ERP. Note that the ERP Unit of Measure is reflected by its ISO code in SAP ME and may be displayed with a different abbreviation from the corresponding SAP ME UoM.

Processing Rules

During the import of production order data to SAP ME, SAPMEINT does the following:

  • Determines the current version of material in SAP ME and uses this version as the version for the shop order

  • Compares the production order components with the current version of the Master BOM (see Bill of Material (BOM))

  • If the following attributes of the ERP production order components differ from those in the Master BOM, creates a new Shop Order BOM. If the following attributes do not differ, uses the current version of the Master BOM

    • Material Number

    • Quantity

    • Components assigned to Operations

  • Compares the production order operations with the operations in the current master routing of the material (see Routing).

  • If the following attributes of the ERP production order operations differ from those in of the master routing, creates a shop order specific routing. If the following attributes do not differ, uses the current version of the master routing

    • Operation

    • Operation Text (Description)

  • When the production order is updated in SAP ERP, the new data is transferred to SAP ME.

    If the shop order has been already released in SAP ME and if the production has already started (SFC numbers are In Work), the following field values cannot be updated:

    • BOM

    • Routing

    Note Note

    SAP ERP 6.05 with activated BF LOG_PP_MES_INT_02 (configuration type C) does not allow changes to the BOM or the routing after distribution.

    End of the note.

    Note Note

    The following field values can be updated manually in SAP ME via Change Production (see Changing Production):

    • BOM

    • Routing

    • Shop Order for the SFC numbers of the shop order

    End of the note.

    See also: Shop Order and Shop Order Release.

  • SAP ERP milestone operations are not supported.

  • All operations must have the base unit of measure of the output material.

  • BOM base quantity must be equal to the SFC quantity if BOM update is ignored.

  • SAP ME does not support a different unit of measure at the operation level.

  • SAP ERP allows creating a production order without a routing. In this special case, SAP ERP generates an operation automatically. This special functionality is not supported in SAP ME.