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You can use this function to determine which components have not yet been issued from stock for a production order and then carry out the goods issue.

Picking is also one of the functions that can be used in mass processing (see Mass Processing of Production Orders and Functions of Mass Processing ).


When you select orders for picking, you should note the following:

  • Orders with the following statuses are not selected:

  • Created

  • Locked

  • Technically complete

  • The following components are not listed:

  • Backflushed components

  • Phantom items

  • Components with direct production

  • Components with ‘final issue’ indicator

  • Batch totals records

  • Co-Products

  • Bulk material items

  • Components with a deletion flag

  • Text items

The initial screen for selecting production orders is the same as the object detail list for components in the production order information system.

The result of the selection is a component overview for the orders selected and a pick list containing the components still to be issued.

Note Note

You select orders using selection criteria. All the components are displayed for each order selected. For example, if you enter a component as a selection criterion, all the components are displayed, of those orders that contain this component.

End of the note.

The goods issues can be carried out in online or background mode.

  • In online mode , the system calls up Stock Determination . Successful goods movements are posted immediately. Any goods issues with errors can be immediately corrected online.

  • In background mode , the components are marked for goods issue and then processed in background jobs (see Executing Picking ).