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 Creating Preliminary Cost Estimates for Product Cost Collectors Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have created a product cost collector with the Controlling level Production Version or BOM/Routing .

You have entered a costing variant planned in the product cost collector. This costing variant must specify costing type 19 (in this costing type, the indicator Preliminary costing for product cost collectors is selected). Check this setting in Customizing for Product Cost by Period under   Product Cost Collectors   Check Costing Variants for Product Cost Collectors   . In the dialog box, choose Costing Variants to Determine Activity Quantities .


Single and Multiple Processing

You can create a preliminary cost estimate for one or more product cost collectors with the function edit product cost collector when you create the product cost collector, or in the change mode. When you create a preliminary cost estimate in the function edit product cost collector , you can check the costing parameters before starting the costing process. You can view the cost estimate in the same function immediately after creating it.

Costing Product Cost Collectors When You Create Them

When you save, the dialog box Do you want to create a preliminary cost estimate for the product cost collector? appears. Choose Yes .

Costing in the Change Mode

Before costing, check the costing variant and the overhead key in the Data tab.

Enter a costing lot size in the Production process tab. The tabs also show which quantity structure the preliminary cost estimate is based on.

Select the product cost collector(s) that you want to cost, and choose the button Costing.

Edit Product Cost Collector: Screen Layout

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See also: Editing Product Cost Collectors

Preliminary Cost Estimates for Product Cost Collectors: Collective Processing

You can also create preliminary cost estimates with report program RMSERI40. This report program increases performance when costing a large number of product cost collectors, since the data can be processed simultaneously on multiple servers.

  1. Choose   Accounting   Controlling   Product Cost Controlling   Cost Object Controlling   Product Cost by Period   Planning   Preliminary Costing for Product Cost Collector   .

  2. The screen Creation of Preliminary Cost Estimates for Product Cost Collectors appears.

  3. Enter the required data. If you want to use parallel processing, enter a server group. Choose Execute .


The cost estimates receive the number of the production process. The product cost collector receives the status PRC (pre-costed).

In the function Edit Product Cost Collector you can view the message log by choosing costing log . From the log, you can view the messages that are listed in the log and that can be influenced by user-defined error management (see also: User-Defined Error Management in Cost Object Controlling ).

You can view the cost estimate with   Goto   Display Cost Estimate   . The system first displays a selection list of all preliminary cost estimates of different dates for the product cost collector. The screen Display Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure appears.

You can view the following information on a preliminary cost estimate for a product cost collector:

  • The cost component split under   Costs   Display Cost Components  

Caution Caution

The cost component split displayed here is not a true cost component split. It is only a single-level cost component split. This means that the assemblies are not exploded. Instead, the total value of the assembly is shown under the cost component to which the cost element of the assembly is assigned.

For information on cost component splits, refer to Cost Component Report .

End of the caution.
  • The itemization with   Costs   Itemization  

  • The costed multilevel BOM with   Costs   Costed Multilevel BOM   .

  • The cost reports defined in the user exit display with   Costs   User Exit Display  

Cost reports 1 and 2 are preset.

  • The message log for costing with   Extras   Log  

  • Other information with   Extras   Information  

  • The quantity structure used in the cost estimate with   Extras   Quantity Structure  

Other functions are also available, such as switching to a different cost component view and changing the cost base.

Note Note

The preliminary cost estimate of a product cost collector does not update planned costs to the product cost collector. A preliminary cost estimate for a product cost collector differs in this respect from a preliminary cost estimate for a manufacturing order.

In a preliminary cost estimate for a manufacturing order, the planned costs calculated on the basis of the quantity structure specified in the manufacturing order are charged directly to the manufacturing order. The planned costs for a manufacturing order can be used to calculate planning variances. This enables you to determine the most suitable production lot size, for example.

The preliminary cost estimate for the product cost collector, on the other hand, uses the costing lot size specified in the product cost collector in the Production process tab, rather than the production lot size. You cannot determine planning variances with the preliminary cost estimate for a product cost collector.

 ( )

If you have created preliminary cost estimates for product cost collectors in collective processing (report program RMSERI40), you cannot view the cost estimates from the report program. To view the cost estimates, use the function Edit Product Cost Collector . A message log is output after you have executed the report program.

End of the note.

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