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Unless indicated otherwise, the information contained in this info object is relevant to the material master for industry and to the article master for retail. Retail customers are requested to substitute:

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  • article for material

  • requirements planning for material requirements planning or MRP


A profile is a collection of information used to configure certain objects. In it, you can store standard information that you need repeatedly in almost identical combinations when maintaining different objects. Thus, a profile simplifies the entry and management of data.

In the case of material master data, the objects are the material master records and the object data is the material requirements planning (MRP) or forecasting data which you can enter in the following profiles:

  • MRP profile

  • Forecast profile



When you create an article master record using a reference article to which a profile is assigned, the system proposes the logistics data (requirements planning and forecasting) for the reference site maintained for the reference article; that is, if the data proposed from the profile is overwritten when the reference article is maintained, the changed data (not the original profile data) is proposed when an article master record is created using the reference article. See also SAP Retail (LO-IS-R) Articles: Reference Data .

Industry and Retail

Any changes to the fixed values defined in a profile are copied to the material master records to which the profile is assigned. For more information, see Changing a Profile .


Before you can use a profile, it must be defined in the system.


In a profile, you specify the following information:

  • Fields you want the profile to contain

  • Values you want these fields to contain

  • Whether the values copied from the profile to the respective MRP or Forecasting screen in the material master can be overwritten (default values) or not (fixed values)

When creating a material master record, you can assign a profile to it as follows:

  • Industry

In the Organizational Levels dialog box

  • Retail

By choosing Requirements planning profile or Forecast profile on either of the Logistics screens in the standard article master

The values are written to the material master record when you save it.