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To reduce runtimes, you can generate extracts when you access reports. An extract is a saved dataset containing the report data selected at the time the extract was generated.

When you display report data in an extract, the same navigation and formatting functions are available as when you reselect the report data.


You generate an extract when you execute a report with reference to the report selection parameters. You can generate multiple extracts if you execute the report with different selection criteria.

If you make changes in the data structure in Customizing for the Information System (especially the field selection for order/sales order selection or for the selection of classification characteristics), inconsistencies may arise between the current data structure and the structure in the extract. The data of the extract can then no longer be displayed.

You can delete extracts you no longer need. To do this, go to extract management (display a list of the existing extracts with F4 and choose Extract Management ).

If you want to check the selection criteria with which the extract was generated, use Extract Management as well. The detail screen of the extract shows the information on the selection criteria for report execution.

Note Note

Note that an extract is only valid for the duration of a release. This means that after a release upgrade, you usually cannot access extracts generated in the previous release. After an upgrade, therefore, you should generate new extracts with the desired selection criteria.

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Generate extracts for the report data you want to analyze. Proceed as follows:

  1. On the selection screen of the report, specify the selection criteria.

  2. Choose Extracts .

  3. In the screen Processing Control Extracts , choose Save and give the extract a name and a description. Then choose Execute.

  4. Start the report. The report data is selected. The selected data is saved under the specified extract name.

To display the data saved in the extract:

  1. Choose Extracts on the selection screen of the report .

  2. The screen Processing Control Extracts appears.

  3. Choose Read and enter the name of the extract.

  4. Choose Execute.

  5. Choose a display variant and choose Execute .