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This function enables the transfer of routing data from SAP ERP to create or update corresponding routing and operation records in SAP ME (see Routing and Operation).


  • The routing is a description of operations (process steps) to be carried out and the order in which to produce a material (product). Therefore, routings are used as a template for production orders and planned orders (repetitive manufacturing) as well as a basis for product costing.

  • The data stored in the routing serves as a basis for production planning activities in ERP such as the following:

    • In Materials Management, planning the usage of materials and external operations

    • In Production Planning and Control, planning the usage of work centers

    • In Quality Management, planning quality inspections for production activities

  • SAPMEINT creates two SAP ME objects:

    • Operation

      Description of the SAP ME operation is populated with the SAP ERP operation short text.

    • Routing

      • SAP ME defaults the first routing to version A and increments an additional integer value for subsequent updates. For example: A-01, A-02.

        A new routing version is created when you add new operations or change the following in SAP ERP:

        • Operation number

        • Operation control key

        • Operation short text

      • The last new routing successfully created in SAP ME from receipt of the SAP ERP LOIROU IDoc is set to Releasable and marked as the current version of that routing.

      • The last ERP operation is flagged as a reporting step in SAP ME using the custom data field IS_LAST_REPORTING_STEP in the routing step.

  • SAPMEINT does not support the following:

    • Multiple Group Counters

    • Additional Sequences

    • ERP milestone operations

    • Inspection characteristics

    • Document info records